BankNifty Intraday Analysis for Expiry:

💥Banknifty closes at 42729 after hitting 42860 which was all time high. So we sell Banknifty below 42210 or buy PE but condition is that 15 mins candle closing needed above that level. Target will be 42100/42000/41900.

💥We can sell Banknifty below 43610 or if day low break tomorrow after 9:45 with a 15 mins bearish candle. Target will be 42435/42242/42100

💥If todays low is broken on upside we can buy Banknift for a target of 43000 and beyond.

👉Banknifty may open +300/-300 Points from today closing (as per SGX Data calculation at 11:05 pm IST)

👉Banknifty PCR is 1.23 so it is close to overbought. Max OI concentration in 42700/42600 for PE writters so it will act as support and 43000 where CE has been written.
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