Reasons .....behind Ajanta pharma?
--> most important point is that ........if we compare and analyze insider/ big movements in this share with respect to Earning yields forward, earning yields trailing, dividend yield, the Risk premium on trailing EPS then we can get sure about big movement.........will elaborate with the graph in a while.

1. Ajanta Pharma Equity Risk Premium on trailing EPS of 63d chg above 0.7

2. Ajanta Pharma Dividend Yield of 63d chg above 0.1

3. Ajanta Pharma Earnings Yield (forward) of 56d chg above 1.2

4. Ajanta Pharma Earnings Yield (forward) is above 5.3

5. Ajanta Pharma Earnings Yield (trailing) of 56d chg above 1.2

6. Ajanta Pharma Earnings Yield (trailing) is above 4.7

then it leads to 100% + growth over the next 8 months and if you check the upper conditions in history @ajanta pharma then you can cross-check too that these conditions lead to 100% + growth and also with 100% hit ratio........

Here we go with the backtest of my data ....can cross-check
yellow lines = all of my 6 conditions mentioned above are triggered ......📈

and don’t think that I predicted only with these conditions ......of course I did but I already had calculated all the parameters with increasing if share price escalates then how will the parameters will get affected already calculated that will they effect ...that's why I am pretty confident for it
this calc is known as real live time valuation and would be concluded as an attractive valuation at that time of quarterly /annual results

My personal Position in it with the above data is

Buy --> 1740 ( already posted in my WhatsApp group earlier)
Target --> 1850, 1934, 2100, 2300,2400,3000 (How to buy, where to book, how much qty to book and everything is mentioned in the graph)
Timespan - 2100 before Aug-Sep, 3000+ under 1 year
Stoploss - 1532

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