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Join Telegram- #Market Hunter.#Market Lover, 12-Years Research On #StockMarket #MCX & #Forex. SEBI Regd. #ResearchAnalyst. Learner & Mentor. सभी पोस्ट मेरे व्यतिगत विचार हैं। #Kingresearch
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6214 Followers • Reputation: 9834 Telegram: -------------------------------------Kishore (13+ years experience, since 2004) +91-9790822202 / +91-7200339902 Telegram Contact: -------------------------------------More details about me and my experience ✔️ -------------------------------------All post here only for my own self examination and own record purpose. I'm not SEBI Regd Analyst and not recommend others to follow the calls. Consult your financial adviser before trading on my calls. -------------------------------------FOR "PRICE ACTION TRADING - TRAINING" RELATED ENQUIRY AND REGISTRATION DETAILS.PING ME IN "WHATSAPP"👇👇
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Trading since 2008, self learner. Banknifty and value investing is my strong suit. Building algo trading models using python and nest terminal. If you want to do good in market work on your psycology of money and risk management only. Indicator and systems are sold 1rs per kg. What I want to say is any strategy will work if u follow it sincerely.Disclaimer: I am not a SEBI registered advisor. Any chart shared is for my analysis or for you to learn. Your profit or loss is not my responsibility. Pls consult your financial advisor for your investments.
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Join Telegram Channel :- सभी पोस्ट मेरे व्यक्तीगत विचार से है। ट्रेड करने से पहले आप अपने फिनान्सिअल एडवाइजरी से बात कर ले। #MT4TECHNICAL
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islamic Shariah complained stock trader only trading in Shariah complained stocks no future option short selling it's just personal belief and I would like to follow what I believe thanks for understanding equity trades will be posted
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Bull trader, always looking for buying opportunities and also a trading system programmer & analyst @ Pangram Technologies.(One & only tech firm for developing cutting edge trading strategies at Howrah(WB)).
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I'm a software engineer, by extension a man of science and mathematics. I try to look at the market from the technical standpoint, I am a firm believer that every news, event and fundamentals and everything around it is already considered, acted upon and hence already incorporated in the chart.Like every other trader, I'm a lone wolf, trying to make sense of the market, its sentiments, it's emotions using logic, which by definition is a flawed premise, but as it stands, even after its flaws, in my experience technical analysis is better then any other tool for the job.
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AlmightyFinancialService, Telangana
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options trAder,odisha
Vineet @vineetsingh
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BankNifty Options Trader only
Prabakaran @prabavpk
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I am Full time Trader
Rajagopallock @rajagopal-H12UQX9gu
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I am a Civil Engineer I used to follow trends irrespective of the quality of scrips as I know that market moves as per the wish of biggies.
Pronoti Sahalock @sumitrader
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Full Time Option Seller...
Chandramouli Patel @chandramoulipatel
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