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Today 7:21 AM
Vishiwjeet in nifty-bank
Fair bhai aaj btao koi 10 wali deal
Can buy 27400 PE at 40 level for 4 to 10 points but very less quantity.
Today 7:11 AM
Bank Nifty Intraday in nifty-bank
No one know for sure. Market is consolidating since last 3 days there's no clear direction. During this time its best to make money by doing short straddle. Timing of doing short straddle is important. It's a risky strategy and require lot of money.
Yes. Short straddle will reward you in small pieces but with sizable capital. Because u are not expected to make 20 30 or 50 points in one go. It's a pure VOLUME based trading with minimal points scored.
Today 7:04 AM
Hello Good morning. Hope u all had a good festive time with ur near and dear. Though I am not trading for the last 4 to 5 days, my observation for bank nifty for monthly expiry is as follows. Monthly options are written heavily. Better to track and keep a watch 27500PE. One can start accumulating 27500PE anywhere between 220 to 240 levels. Cheers
Jan 14 12:45 PM
Wish One and all a Very Happy and Prosperous Bhogi, Makara Sankranti and Pongal.
Jan 11 3:41 PM
May not so much looking at the market reactions to exit of either Mistry, Shika or Kochhar. Even if we're to be, should be momentary
Jan 11 2:29 PM
FairFinShare in bankbaroda
Can try Bank Baroda 125 PE between 3 to 4.
Did any one pick up.?? Though didn't come to 3-4 levels as expected, but was available at 4.25 and 4.45 by EOD yesterday and 4.50 today. Today touched 6.75 high to close at 5.90👍 clean 10k 👍
Jan 11 5:34 AM
Sorry to say that I have entered this group only day before yesterday and I found almost every one doing same thing till yesterday despite my asking to wait. Only today i am watching one or two talli g about 10 points or 15 points profits and exit.
Jan 11 5:31 AM
Just take example.of Rekha who took position of 27700 CE at 180 plus I guess. She had no option but ro exit cost quickly in the opening only. Is ke baad she has wai and wait looking at the price to touch SL, but the orice has touched down to 120 and went up to 150 plus. Now u tell me is waiting for low to enter and make decent 15 25 points without any tension or enter at peak and praying the God to send the price high or hit the SL?
Jan 11 5:26 AM
Vishiwjeet in nifty-bank
Bhai apan 30 40 pe lenge jb ye niche aa jayenge
Precisely. Isiliye u have to be patient in spotting the right price. Ita called PRICE ACTION as I have learnt a some time.ago only after making big mistakes of entering at high and praying the GOD like u have done the whole day yesterday.,☺👍
Jan 11 4:54 AM
Rekha in nifty-bank
27700ce@ 167 and 27500pe@ 164
When u are holding positions is called hedging. It's good. But Pl Pl don't take.positions in hasty at higher levels. Wait for some time till these levels come down where it make sense even if u make 10 to 20 points. However since u have already taken, What u should di here is run both sides till one of them gain double or give u expected profit and exit and hold the other one till it touches the cost or SL
Jan 11 4:36 AM
Hello Good morning all. Won't be trading for few more days due to some hectic business and personal meetings and travelling. Will catch up in between. Trade wise and safe and NO rule to trade everyday. If u feel u are on the losing side for some time, TAKE A BREAK. Come back refreshed. Cheers
Jan 10 10:17 AM
vikrant in nifty-bank
Yes I mentioned it in my post earlier also....27500 pe keep booking & entering
But Vikrant, I know many have entered at 33, 35 plus. I have repeatedly asked to wait for 20 levels. In fact the levels came to 17 plus at one stage and rose to 42 and again came down to 22 or 24 went up to 36 and came down to 18 and went up to 33.
Jan 10 10:12 AM
FairFinShare in nifty-bank
You know what si the big issue here is 1. Entry at high(like have seen people entering 27500 at 35 and above when there was a clear price retracement was present at 17 to 22 levels) 2. And don't know when to exit(mean no clarity on how much we should make and stop the trade)
27500 PE gave opportunity more 3 times to enter at 17 plus, 22 and 18 and gave 23 points, 18 points, again 15 points profit today. But we all become hyper seeing green for some time and end up buying high and be happy hitting SL. This situation is with every one including me who is writing.
Jan 10 10:07 AM
You know what si the big issue here is 1. Entry at high(like have seen people entering 27500 at 35 and above when there was a clear price retracement was present at 17 to 22 levels) 2. And don't know when to exit(mean no clarity on how much we should make and stop the trade)
Jan 10 10:04 AM
Guruviki in nifty-bank
Surely nobody is there. It is in big players hand. No gambling, no fundamental, no graph, No levels...... It's purely in operator hands. If you all think on positive, they will end in negative. If you all think on negative, they will end in positive. More than these if you get profit, you won't take it out. You will invest, invest, re invest............ Until it goes loss
Entirely true..
Jan 10 9:42 AM
Vishiwjeet in nifty-bank
Yes. I quit trading.
Are u sure.??.. Yeh hi hai nashaa☺☺☺
Jan 10 9:03 AM
Naga in nifty-bank
Ha ha ha no one open mouth
I have given 27500 PE to pick up at 20 levels for 40 plus. Have u taken sir???
Jan 10 8:43 AM
Trade Experts in nifty-bank
I bought 11000 CE at average price of 87-88. Holding 10 lots
Better exit at between 85 to 88. And can take fresh position based on changes in trends.
Jan 10 8:38 AM
Vishiwjeet in nifty-bank
Bhai dedh mahina ho gya. Abhi tk profit to hua ni loss e hua hai. Ab hard earned money nahi trading pr khrab krna
Aap keliye equity cash calls or monthly FNO sahi hai. Pl don't trade on index especially Bank nifty with view to become a millionaire over night.
Jan 10 8:36 AM
FairFinShare in nifty-bank
what's ur cost.
Still or tell me bosa what's ur cost of entry?