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"Timely, Quality, and Unbiased Opinion on the Stocks" #multibaggerstockideas | Alumnus: IIT Bombay | MIT Young Innovator| NTU Singapore | ETH Zurich | Strictly for Investors | 50K subscribers on YouTube and 2.5k followers on Telegram >>> YouTube Channel <<< --------------------- While referring our services to your friends, you can get a 10% discount, and they will get 5%, by using the following referral link - (generate your custom link to share it with your friends)
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Disclaimer: The channel owner is not a SEBI registered. We are just sharing our opinion only as an Investor cum trader. Please trade with strict stop loss and 10 % of capital
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equity and f&o trader part time, full time software engineer.. trading from 2006 , not a sebi registered person.. low risk good return calls in nifty and bank nifty option for study purpose only.
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