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IntradayTrader @HarshaJodhani
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Intraday trading in Stock, Bank nifty, Nifty, Stock Options, Futures. Stock Market Enthusiast, trading using common sense, charts, awareness real market scenario. A combination of techno-funda. Strong believer of "DISCIPLINE BHAGWAN CHE"RISK MANAGEMENT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRYING TO BE RIGHT ALL THE TIME.I don't post any intraday calls here those are only for my clients under my broking firm. I help them with technical as well as fundamental analysis (no charges for analysis). Just open your account under my customised broking and get rest of the services free.
Shitanshu @mrshitanshu
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Trading is business, Leave your emotions at the door -Wolf of the Wall Street
Aravind @aravind-SkjmLrX3N
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Lisa Manin @lisama
professional trader
Bruno @silver4
Are you new to online trading investment for future?every passing min's is another chance to turn things around, it's up to you𝐈𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐱 𝐔𝐬 𝐍𝐨𝐰+13057126556👇👇👇
I'm a certified analyst and a crypto miner with few years of Mining experience.
WaltZ @waltz
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Gaurav  @gaurav-H1nM0H2PY
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Dilip @dilip-r1QkWX3vY
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Babi @babi-Sk9hnaowF
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Palaniappan @palaniappan
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Farouk @farouk
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Aaa @aaa-Bks18Uh8Y
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Bansal Ji @bansalji
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Lahari @lahari-SJHgkikLt
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suresh AK @sureshak
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Kalash Gour @kalashgour
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