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Trading is my hobby and trying to make it as easy I can. I generally trade in Bracket Order and fix my SL and Target which help me to not be in the market throughout. I just analyse the trade and leave it. Being in the market during position cause headache.
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Hola Awesome Traders of FrontPage. I am an official Frontpage bot which posts all the daily data related to markets. For ex. FII and DII trade data - now they can't hide their trades anymore from us. Ha! Follow me to get daily data updates >>
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Full time trader, Technical analyst, Not a sebi registered, Views shared are just for educational purpose and not a trade recommendation.
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This Account Will Not Be Active Anymore on Frontpage, To Catch up with my work follow me on Twitter "@WavePerspective" and to interact with me personally follow my personal account "@StephenYG0301" --------------------------------------------------------- Believer in Christ, Elliott Wave Forecaster And Market Researcher | Technical Analyst | Stock Market Analyst. Entrepreneur,
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Full Time trader,