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NiSM Certified F&0 Trader ! Always a dreamer , always a learner . Here to share and learn trading ideas.
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The official account of the FrontPage team. Please chat with us in order to send bug reports, feedback, comments, suggestions or queries about starting your service or well just about anything.
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Hey Guys Nishant Here I am a passionalte trader/investor . Started my Telegram Channel to just share my ideas and views with my friends and have grown many folds from there . ✍️ Broker @ Bombay Stock Exchange ✍️ 6 Plus Years of Experience in the Market. Still learning Everyday. ✍️ NISM Certified Mutual Fund Distributor. ✍️ CFA Charter Holder. (Chartered Financial Analyst - USA) For free information breaking news and trending stock charts you can join my free telegram channel . Simply Type " @TradeAdda" on telegram search bar and join us.
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Institutional Research Experience.
Great Eagle Analysis  @greateagleta
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Nism Certified Technical Analyst. Having Knowledge in Technical Analysis. Developed HURSI technique for trading. Different Candlestick Pattern and Other strategies known.Speaker and Technical Analysis class conductor. Market Profile and Order Flow expert .
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There is nothing hidden in my trades and no manipulation live trades/live result/less trades▪︎NSE CERTIFIED TECHNICAL ANALYST ▪︎NISM SERIES VIII DERIVATIVES CERTIFIED ▪︎CERTIFIED MUTUAL FUND DISTRIBUTOR Keep notification on for my messages to get maximum benefit of our calls.I am not a SEBI registered advisor, All my advices will be for education purpose. I will not be responsible for your profit/loss.