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The official account of the FrontPage team. For help or support requests kindly get in touch with @frontpagesupport.
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Official FrontPage bot. I search the Internet for brokerage reports that you may find useful.
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Neeraj Goswami is a SEBI Regd Analyst and trader with more than 12 years experience. Neeraj is rated one of the top 5 boarders in money control website
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All View /Calls shared here for Educational Purpose.Before Trading Consult your financial advisior.We are just sharing our views as a trader. We are NOT SEBI Registered ...Don't Over Trade. This is our analysis and not a recommendation. Consult your financial Advisior before making any investments.
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Elliott Wave Trader & Trainner 😎😎😎 Telegram :- Keep in touch 📨
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I am a Corporate Trainer for Mutual Funds & Stock Market. I am SEBI Registered Research Analyst & a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).
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Pre Market Report | Post Market Report | Live Market News | Index Trading |Disclaimer - Information Shared Here Are My Personal Views And Some Obtained Fr
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Trader, Ex ICICI Bank, Edelweiss, 10+ years derivatives trading, Price action + MacroEco
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"PRICE IS WHAT YOU PAY AND VALUE IS WHAT YOU GET. SO ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU GET MORE THAN WHAT YOU PAY". With this motto we have started our journey in 2014 always following the principles of value investing and made handsome returns for ourselves, our friends and investors. WE bring same time tested investing principles from BENJAMIN GRAHAM,WARREN BUFFET AND PETER LYNCH to you so as to share our ideas and help in guiding all investors novices and experts alike to make most of their capital keeping in mind most favourable risk reward. FOLLOW ME AT 1. For value investing 2. For crypto momentum investing
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Independent trader. I trade infrequently. Interested in conversations here.
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Chart Setups as per technical & fundamental studies. If you like our charts or if want to learn practically, subscribe here:
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Positional trader, premium eater, trade with hedging.Following ichimoku and Supertrend combination Experience: 11 years
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"Timely, Quality, and Unbiased Opinion on the Stocks" #multibaggerstockideas | Alumnus: IIT Bombay | MIT Young Innovator| NTU Singapore | ETH Zurich | Strictly for Investors | 50K subscribers on YouTube and 2.5k followers on Telegram >>> YouTube Channel <<< --------------------- While referring our services to your friends, you can get a 10% discount, and they will get 5%, by using the following referral link - (generate your custom link to share it with your friends)
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Financial analyst, former quant researcher @ WorldQuant, IIM Calcutta, ISI Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur.Subscribe for recommendations.Disclaimer: I'm not a SEBI registered investment advisor. Opinions expressed are personal and for educational purposes only.
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Research Analyst &Stock Broker Enrich commodity
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I am a technical analyst with speciality in stocks and crypto swing/positional and short term trades with great risk reward and High accuracy of almost 90%. Follow me for explosive trades.
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- B.Tech, DTU(Formerly DCE) - NSE Certified Technical & Fundamental Analyst - Community Manager (India) @TradingView - Moderator @TradingView Note: DYOR
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Transvest is your journey which will transform your investment. We are here to help you out in your investment journey. Do text us for any query.