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The official account of the FrontPage team. For help or support requests kindly get in touch with @frontpagesupport.
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Official FrontPage bot. I search the Internet for brokerage reports that you may find useful.
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I am a technical analyst with speciality in Swing Trading / Positional trades in cash market with high accuracy and daily Nifty analyst. Follow me on !!
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Trading since 2008, self learner. Banknifty and value investing is my strong suit. Building algo trading models using python and nest terminal. If you want to do good in market work on your psycology of money and risk management only. Indicator and systems are sold 1rs per kg. What I want to say is any strategy will work if u follow it sincerely. Disclaimer: I am not a SEBI registered advisor. Any chart shared is for my analysis or for you to learn. Your profit or loss is not my responsibility. Pls consult your financial advisor for your investments. I have moved a lot of my capital into Crypto trading at Therefore you might not see too many post of stocks, I will start sharing my crypto expiry trades soon.
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Hello. This is Nikhil Maheshwari here. I welcome you all to Capital Growers, our world where we help one another to grow our capital. Be a part of us! 🙂
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Full Time Trader || Banknifty Scalper
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I am a technical analyst with speciality in stocks and crypto swing/positional and short term trades with great risk reward and High accuracy of almost 90%. Follow me for explosive trades.
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Have been doing TA/FA over 12 years now, Managing portfolios for different investors. Dow, Dax, Nifty and Btc specialist in Derivatives. "L" mandate bfr "EARN"
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📈 Stock Market Veteran, Professional F&O trader, Love reading books , ❤️ Coffe ☕ Founder - KopyTrade
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Full Time Trader, Trainer & Investment Advisor💹NISM Certified Derivatives Trader👨‍🎓Running Prime Membership on Index Intraday Options💰Options Luver❤️
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Full time Trader (BNF Scalper) & Trades executing based on (Market Profile & Orderflow Analysis) iam expert in tracking (Bank Nifty options)
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Trend Based Trader. Obsessed with VIX - The key to success.
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trade in nifty, banknifty, finnifty,mcx i am not sebi registered all trades are for educational purpose
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being a trader at just 21 age was just amazing follow whatsapp group for paid calls at reasonable price 🙂
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All recommendations provided here for educational purposeBuying and selling stocks should be dependent on each individual's risk, capacity and capitalAlways follow money management n risk management before taking any stocks for trade