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robo banknifty trade @rajivkumarjha
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view for my personnel record purpose👈
Learn to invest IN @learntoinvestindia
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I'm an Investor. Please follow my Youtube channel for daily updates!!! YouTube
Dhaval Joshi @dhavaljoshi
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DJ stock target I am the Prof. in engineering college I am not sebi register I just post for education purpose
STOCK QUEEN @stockking
Market analyser @Faster
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Game changer
no one knows @lov
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I am not SEBI registered
Pankaj Bhardwaj @Marketbhavishya
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Arindam @arin4ever
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An Ex- practitioner Advocate. Now pursuing MBA (Investment & Wealth Management). An Aggressive Commodity Trader. Earn Money With Limited Risk & Proper Money Management.*I am not a SEBI registered Research Analyst.*All Views / Calls shared here for educational purpose. Before trading consult your financial adviser. I am just sharing my views as a trader. *It is advised that, Once the Target is hit. Don't take that trade. It is not necessary, that every day you have to take trade compulsorily.
TAMIL PAYAN @tamilpayan
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MAGIC LEVELS OF TRADING..BANGALORE is a Leading Blog providing News, Information, Research, Opinions on the basis of Unbiased Fundamental & Technical Studies.
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Govind  @govind-S11zwS7VB
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Stock Insight @stockinsight
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We are not SEBI registered research analysts or investment advisers. All stocks & information given is for educational purpose only. please consult your financial adviser. We are not responsible for your loss or profit. there are no refunds for any services T & C Apply.
Niraj Gidia @nirajgidia
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MCX / Futures trader.
Praveen Kumar Mishra @praveenkumarmishra
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Stockskart @stockskart
Karun @karun-SybO1Tf1H
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freelancer portfolio manager dealing with stock market and fund management