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Hey Guys Nishant Here I am a passionalte trader/investor . Started my Telegram Channel to just share my ideas and views with my friends and have grown many folds from there .✍️ 6 Plus Years of Experience in the Market. Still learning Everyday. ✍️ NISM Certified Mutual Fund Distributor. ✍️ CFA Charter Holder. (Chartered Financial Analyst - USA)For free information breaking news and trending stock charts you can join my free telegram channel . Type " @TradeAdda" on telegram search bar and join us.
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Professional Technical Analysis Trainer and founder of JJ TECHNICALS. Learn technicals and trade on your own..This platform is for learning purpose only.. Intraday paid calls available with 90% accuracy. Contact me for Learning Technical Analysis and trade on own. To open free account with Angel with 0 AMC and to get my premium calls: Please click the below link: trade in Nifty, Bank Nifty & crude with less capital, please open account in Fortune Trading by clicking below link. Link -
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BANKNIFTY Nifty Future N Option Future Stock, MCXAbout myselfI am working with as a Chief Trader/Trainer/Mentor, where we teach about How to HEDGE THE PORTFOLIO, How to do RISK MANAGEMENT, How to trade RISKFREE, How to get OVERNIGHT PROTECTION in FUTURE STOCK, How to do the OPTION CHAIN ANALYSIS. Our work is based on OPEN INTEREST.In Market everyone follow same method for buying & selling, but we don't just buy we do both together that is why we protect our capital INTRADAY as well POSITIONAL.IF YOU WANT TO LEARN PLEASE JOIN OUR FIRM TO BECOME INDEPENDENT TRADERTRACK MY TRADES ALL BASED ON THE DATA ANALYSIS, NO PREDICTION AT ALL Before taking any trade please contact your financial adviser because I am doing RISK MANAGEMENT Not responsible for Profit & lossI am here sharing how to HEDGE your position which will help you to protect the capital,All my trades are 2 or 3 legs means combination of trading.
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ENGINEER TRADER - NSE (CASH/FUT.) / MCX/ FOREX CHART ANALYST INDICATER ANALYST What's app me one this number for any questions relates to market or for premium services 8290649200
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15 yrs trader..No unwanted posts..ONLY CALLS... YouTube channel : Vcalls Intraday
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Expert in Next day movements of Nifty Spot. & Intraday Options Buying and Making Intraday Profits.
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options trader, stock trader, ETF analyst.
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Heeloo there
trader. portfolio manager.. option trader..