Do you know only 9 families own 20% of all the land in Mumbai?
Mumbai is known for the sky-high buildings and real estate rates.
Interestingly, 20% of all land in Mumbai is owned by 9 families and family trusts.
Godrej, Byramjee Group, AH Wadia Trust, Dinshaw Trust, and Yusuf Khot Trust are some of the biggest landowners in Mumbai.
The biggest of all is the Godrej Family, with 3,401 acres of land.
The 2nd biggest landowner is the Dinshaw Trust.
These Parsi families had acquired land well before the independence of India.
The govt surveys show that a lot of the land these families owned was either encroached upon or stopped being used due to the Urban Land Ceiling Act.
When it comes to real estate investment, which city offers the best potential for future growth?
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