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The official account of the FrontPage team. For help or support requests kindly get in touch with @frontpagesupport.
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Official FrontPage bot. I search the Internet for brokerage reports that you may find useful.
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Elliott Wave Trader & Trainner 😎😎😎 Telegram :- Keep in touch 📨
Hello there! 😊 Please feel free to shoot us a message should you have any queries or need assistance in publishing your Courses on FrontPage.
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Hello. This is Nikhil Maheshwari here. I welcome you all to Capital Growers, our world where we help one another to grow our capital. Be a part of us! 🙂
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Genuine Guide to Build your portfolio with greenery. Trading for at least 7-8% gain in a month on your capital. We make you understand first before taking any step in market. We are available at different Social Media Platforms Whatsapp - Telegram - Facebook - Frontpage - Twitter - @its_Gyanee Instagram - RIGI -
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I am a Software Engineer by profession,fitness freak , Badminton addict and have passion towards trading and investing. I am a short term swing trader in equities and options. I use offline charting software Metastock 7.2 to identify the stocks which can perform well in the coming days. I have been doing this from last 15 years. I am trained under Shri Kiran Jadhav sir a noted and talented Technical Analyst. I am not SEBI registered Technical Analyst. I share my views for study purpose only
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#investmentideas | Alumnus: IIT MADRAS | SEBI REGISTERED | i post about value investing
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15 Years Stock Market Experience. Market Investment Advisor. Corporate Consultant. For Premium Service WhatsApp 8626030290
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I am a technical analyst with speciality in stocks and crypto swing/positional and short term trades with great risk reward and High accuracy of almost 90%. Follow me for explosive trades.
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Passion About Trading Interested In Swing Trading &Pure Price Action Investment I Post Some Investment Trade In FrontPage Keep Following Me Disclaimer : I'm not A SEBI Regd Advisor Before Investing Consult Your Financial Advisor I'm not Responsible For Any Financial Loss
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Intraday trading in Stock, Bank nifty, Nifty, Stock Options, Futures. Stock Market Enthusiast, trading using common sense, charts, awareness real market scenar
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Active Swing Trader Long Term Investor Portfolio Management Advisor
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Disclaimer: The channel owner is not a SEBI registered. We are just sharing our opinion only as an Investor cum trader. Please trade with strict stop loss and 10 % of capital
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equity and f&o trader part time, full time software engineer.. trading from 2006 , not a sebi registered person.. low risk good return calls in nifty and bank nifty option for study purpose only.
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I will be posting Free Short term and Swing trading recommendations and Stock news here. Telegram : I am not SEBI registered Equity Research Analyst. I am expressing opinions only as Investor/trader/ educationist/ or out of my passionate interest in the Indian stock market. I am not responsible for any profit/loss arising out of any information, post or opinion appearing on this FEED. Investors are advised to exercise their own due diligence and/or consult a financial adviser before acting on any such information to mitigate their risk.
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Advanced Technical Analyst by hobby since 2017. Based in Doha bcz of my profession in the field of 🛩🛠🪛🧰.Personally I prefer swing & positional trading.