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Member since May 2019
Replete Equities @repleteequities
2084 Followers • Reputation: 432
Learn how to trade and invest in Share market.Follow Replete Equities for weekly newsletter and options strategies to learn and earn together.
Tanay Tibrewal @tanay
1154 Followers • Reputation: 83995
|FNO Warrior| |Price Action Therapist| TREND is your BEST friend. Views expressed are purely my own and for educational purposes only. Firm believer of price action trading strategies.
Vipul Kaushikk @vipulkaushikk
969 Followers • Reputation: 324
I am Stock Market Expert, Technical Analyst, Motivational Speaker and Full time Trader and Investor
SHIVAM  @shivam196
958 Followers • Reputation: 1289
Shivam TRADING Academy 😍😁😀🤟Contact @ 8979333392 For Premium service Join my telegram channel for Blockbuster calls 👍👍😉
niftycall @niftycallopt
849 Followers • Reputation: -47440
MYSELF NILESH,I AM DOING TECHNICAL ANALYSIS,FUNDAMENTAL,AND FILTER OUT PRICE ACTION MOMENTS. "You don't need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with 130 IQ" --Warren Buffet
Ashish Tiwari @sifm
742 Followers • Reputation: -10338
Equity & MCX Technical Analyst.We provide Technical Analysis classesWe provide proper guidance to those who need instant help in Live trading.
Dhruv @DhruvMan
647 Followers • Reputation: 2627
I share interesting articles on business, finance and markets that I come across. Dont follow me for some tips or for quick money.Independent trader and investor. Here to express my personal opinion. My opinion comes with standard disclaimers. I am not SEBI regd.
Derivative Option Trading @Vaibhavbarge
576 Followers • Reputation: 487
BANKNIFTY Nifty Future N Option Future Stock, MCXAbout myselfI am working with as a Chief Trader/Trainer/Mentor, where we teach about How to HEDGE THE PORTFOLIO, How to do RISK MANAGEMENT, How to trade RISKFREE, How to get OVERNIGHT PROTECTION in FUTURE STOCK, How to do the OPTION CHAIN ANALYSIS. Our work is based on OPEN INTEREST.In Market everyone follow same method for buying & selling, but we don't just buy we do both together that is why we protect our capital INTRADAY as well POSITIONAL.IF YOU WANT TO LEARN PLEASE JOIN OUR FIRM TO BECOME INDEPENDENT TRADERTRACK MY TRADES ALL BASED ON THE DATA ANALYSIS, NO PREDICTION AT ALL Before taking any trade please contact your financial adviser because I am doing RISK MANAGEMENT Not responsible for Profit & lossI am here sharing how to HEDGE your position which will help you to protect the capital,All my trades are 2 or 3 legs means combination of trading.
Munna Kumar Singh @MunnaKrSingh
501 Followers • Reputation: 1713
sandip patel @ABHShreeven
357 Followers • Reputation: 16
Take up one idea, make that one idea your life. Think of it, dream of it, Live on that idea let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.
123 @H1qgpdu6X
289 Followers • Reputation: 4635
The Inside Analytics @MastersOfEconomics
268 Followers • Reputation: 43689
Please consult with your financial adviser before making any trading or investment decision. Set-up provided here is for informational and educational purposes only. This is not a sell or buy recommendation. We are not responsible for any gain or loss; Consult your financial advisor before your execution of trade. Thanks Regard Dehradun248001 Uttarakhand(INDIA)
BCatchs @bcatchs
256 Followers • Reputation: 761
Author is a CMT, comes in with vast and core experience of more than a decade. His forte lies in identifying major trends in financial markets across various asset class. He has served on Institutional Research Desk as Technical & Alternate Strategist catering to major Fund Managers, AMC Traders as well as analyst. He has worked with esteem organisations like MotilalOswal, Systematix Group, Societe Generale, SBICAP Securities and Elara Capital. Meanwhile he has delivered number of training session and mentored upcoming investors, traders, analyst & working individuals.
Market analyser @Faster
246 Followers • Reputation: 164
Game changer
Piyush Rawtani @piyushrawtani
235 Followers • Reputation: -2556
NiSM Certified F&0 Trader ! Always a dreamer , always a learner . Here to share and learn trading ideas.
222 Followers • Reputation: 353
Divyansh @divyansh
192 Followers • Reputation: 1883
no one knows @lov
182 Followers • Reputation: -33735
I am not SEBI registered
VijayK @jettavijay
140 Followers • Reputation: 1074
I am a registered finacial advisor and broker,I ❤️ trading and investing. I am not a SEBI registered Analyst. I am a learner and trader i post my views👀 which are only for educational📖 purpose..Feel free to contact me for finacial planning.
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