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Dear Trader, Our Recommendations are purely suitable for 'Intraday Cash Trading' with High Momentum. So start trading on such a share which goes like Rajdhani/Superfast Train. We don't recommend share which goes like Passenger Train. But don't forget to get down as per Target/Stop Loss. Firstly, we initiate trade on our recommendations after that the same are shared immediately. We are not SEBI Registered Analysts & not responsible for any loss or profit (if traded on our recommendations). Happy Trading Journey!
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view for my personnel record purpose👈
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I, am a share market Professional working in Swastika Investmart Ltd as Salae Manager In Dehradun Uttrakhand, Our Hobby to Technical charts Reading And Pridiction for Educational Perpose only one..Please make trade at your on risk..Thanks, n Regard Your Goodwisher
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Game changer
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Sell and earn. Option buyers, learn to sell options🧐
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Avid stock market enthusiast is a Leading Blog providing News, Information, Research, Opinions on the basis of Unbiased Fundamental & Technical Studies.
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