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Dear Experts,

We recently launched training services on FrontPage and received a phenomenal response.

A lot of users are reaching out to us and asking us to surface the "best" training services for a certain topic/tag. As you can understand its difficult for prospective students to evaluate or buy your service unless there is some social validation in terms of ratings and reviews.

To fulfill that request, we have started sorting of services via ratings, so services that have been rated better are easily discoverable with minimal scrolling and therefore get a larger audience.

You can work towards improving your ratings by getting your students to rate you. That would improve both the discoverability and quality of your services. Subscribers are sent ratings requests the day after training ends (for short duration trainings) and every Saturday for longer running courses.

Feel free to reach to us on 6362328604 to discuss how you can get more people to subscribe for your services. Thanks.