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IntradayTrader @HarshaJodhani
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Intraday trading in Stock, Bank nifty, Nifty, Stock Options, Futures. Stock Market Enthusiast, trading using common sense, charts, awareness real market scenario. A combination of techno-funda. Strong believer of "DISCIPLINE BHAGWAN CHE"RISK MANAGEMENT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRYING TO BE RIGHT ALL THE TIME.I don't post any intraday calls here those are only for my clients under my broking firm. I help them with technical as well as fundamental analysis (no charges for analysis). Just open your account under my customised broking and get rest of the services free.
Aravind @aravind-SkjmLrX3N
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Sushi @sushiZ
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Sandeepsingh Thakur @sandeepsinghthakur
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Lea Gabriela @Leatrade121
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Incredible woman, wonder woman got nothing on me, it pays to be curious and smart #knowledgelspower #investor #businesswoman
YOGEESHA PAI @yogeesha
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I am not a SEBI CERTIFIED. ALL POSTS ARE PURELY EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. PLEASE STUDY READY AND GO AT YOUR RISK.I think who want study well in technical analisis, SHARE KHAN TRADE TIGER IS A BEST PLATFORM. IT IS MUCH MORE DECISION MAKING BUY OR SELL TECHNICALLY.( I AM LOVE IN IT ) index, equity, stocks and options specialist. I read technical chart module in Sharekhan trade tiger 🐯. Share Khan trade tiger has superior chart indicater and adjustable chart.
Karthik @karthik-HJbRy78vN
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Identity StockTraderlock @kiranidentity
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I am trader aND investor pLEASE fOLLOW MY jUST equity sWING trade
Ramanujam @ramanujam
Sitalakshmi @sitasrini
Learner of the market..
Prabhu @prabhu789
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am a part-time trader looking for option calls with minimal price and risk
Alt Bulls @AltBulls
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We are a leading crypto trading organization providing crypto & alt signals for scalping & swing trading. Our focus always remains on NO LOSS Strategy. We help investors and traders for maximum gains through intraday, short term trading, dollar cost averaging, trailing stop loss, crypto SIPs etc.
Amol @amol-HyV-h_eGt
Lisa Manin @lisama
professional trader
Babu @babu-S1eXzJw__
V Mohanasundaram @vmohanasundaram
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Satish PATIL @sspatil
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Hitenbhai @hitenbhai
here all trades and ideas for educational purposes only , take your own risk and decision before taking trade

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